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Oxygen Therapy, OT, 氧療, Celki, 尚健
Celki VitalAire

Partners with Professionals

Celki Medical has been a trusted link in the treatment chain of OSA in Hong Kong for 30 years.

We work as partners with the prescribing doctors. We follow your prescription, provide feedback about patient performance and compliance, and refer patients back to you when their therapy needs to be adjusted.
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Learn more about

  • Sleep Apnea

    How Celki VitalAire can help doctor and patient if patient need CPAP therapy?

  • Oxygen Therapy

    How Celki VitalAire can support LTOT patient at home? Find out more about oxygen therapy.....

  • Home Mechanical Ventilation

    How Celki VitalAire can support home mechanical ventilation patient? Find out more about home mechanical ventilation......

  • Find Us

    Our 7 Celki VitalAire Experience Centres (CVEC) are located across HK & Macau. Please come to visit us.

sleep apnea, 睡眠窒息症, OSA, sleep, 睡眠問題, airway, 呼吸氣道

"Recovery" Sleep Apnea Support Program Booklet

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